saved for later…

Whilst it’s great being so connected and having such instant access to a world of interesting articles, links, blogs and all the rest, I find I read so many that really strike a chord that i want to think about again later or share with others. And great, there’s a button for that ‘saving for later’ on feedly (I heard about feedly on one of the principalcast podcasts, can’t remember which one, but have a look on Spike Cook’s blog or download the podcast from itunes or something similar). The question of course is, when do I ever get round to that ‘saved for later’ very long list? Maybe here is another good place to store the accompanying thoughts, light bulbs and ‘of courses’.

So the most recent saved for later link is Kid President! An internet/youtube sensation, super cute, and uplifting. have a look when you need a pep talk (going out to all the teachers out there 🙂

My second one for today, I think 2 will probably be enough to get your teeth into, was a blog my principal shared. Now the particular article rang so many bells as soon as I read it, and the comments it received thereafter too. But well done to @theprimaryhead for saying it. So the article is all about stress and the abuse this term gets (from some, not all) – it’s a very real problem – read @theprimaryhead’s thoughts, they encapsulate the other side of the fence so well…BUT, in getting the link, I just read the most recent article and again, I almost had to laugh – am I sure I don’t know the principal??? it sounds awfully familiar, and in light of this post I’d like to say thank you